Is There A “Best Day Of The Week” To Buy A Car?

When you’re ready to shop for a car, when should you visit the car lots? Are some days better than others? Is the first of the month better than the last? Traditional car dealerships are driven by quotas, release dates and manufacturer’s deals. Here are a few tips to consider when to go looking for […]

Why Do People Buy Police Cars… And Other Vehicles?

Most cars seen on the road make your commute relatively uneventful. However, when an unusual vehicle passes by, your eyes tend to perk up. People who buy cars with specific functions are a rare breed. They use the vehicles as an extension of their personalities. Some of the most startling cars make the biggest impact on the […]

Understanding the Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Policies

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For those people who have yet to establish a history of credit or have struggled with poor credit, finding a used car dealership that offers in house financing for car sales is essential to getting back on the road. With the U.S. experiencing some of the direst economic circumstances since the Great Depression, banks are […]

The Importance of a Used Car Warranty

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There are very few purchases as important as the purchase of a new vehicle. An automobile is an investment in both your family and your career. Our vehicles connect us to the rest of the world and times we are without them can be both costly and frustrating. When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle the […]

The Advantages to Owning a New or Used Car

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The invention of the automobile was one of the most significant events of the 20th Century. The modern car has been a boon for the economy and helped connect people in ways that were never before possible. The automobile has arguably had the biggest impact on the growth of this country compared any other invention […]

New Cars Becoming Too Expensive For Most Americans

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Considered a luxury for most Americans, new cars have become a necessity for many people who enjoy driving in a sophisticated vehicle that is shiny and shows off a bit of status. However, with the economic downturn, fewer people are able to afford the high interest rates and monthly payments for new cars that only […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask at a Used Car Dealership

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Purchasing a car from a used car dealership is certainly an endeavor that requires some research. When you are at the dealership, what are 10 questions you should ask before you make the final decision on a vehicle? Is this car available certified pre-owned?Generally, at car dealerships, certified pre-owned cars are in better condition than ones that […]

The Pros and Cons of Trading in Your Vehicle

When it comes to vehicles, one man’s trash is always another man’s treasure. Used car dealerships are constantly on the lookout for more secondhand cars to add to their inventory and will apply the price of your trade-in to the purchase of your next vehicle if you buy it through them. Before you decide whether to trade […]

The Advantages of In-House Financing at Car Dealerships.

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For those interested in car shopping, few realize the number of benefits available when choosing to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle with in-house financing through the dealership. Not only will it guarantee getting the keys in your hand much sooner, but can even result in saving money in a number of ways. Smoother Purchasing […]

Should You Buy a Salvaged Car?

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A salvaged car is a vehicle that has been declared as totaled by the insurance company. Insurance companies take this step when the costs of damages exceed the cost of the car itself. Once an insurance company deems a car to be salvaged, this goes on the car’s title. If you’re looking to buy a […]