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Since 1958, Auto City has endeavored to make great customer service the cornerstone of our business. We take the time to know our customers, discuss their needs and do everything we can to help.

Account Support

Fill in the blanks to begin LIVE CHAT with an account manager to assist with questions about:

• Your Installment Account
• Making a payment
• Payment arrangements
• Insurance

Monday thru Saturday
9am to 6pm


Vehicle Service

Use this form to:

• Request a service appointment
• Check the status of a repair
• Schedule Routine Maintenance
• Request Tow (Non-emergency)
• Contract Service Representative


Customer Support


Use this form to OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET to find a resolution to an issue or issues you are experiencing. It is recommended you first contact the Manager for the Department involved or your account manager if it is related to accessing your account.


The Support Department conducts all business and correspondence in writing via email. This is to ensure that there is no miscommunication, and so that information can be more easily shared within the company and with those who may assist in finding a suitable resolution.


Our Guarantee

  • 2-Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty
  • 3-Day Love It or Leave It
  • $15 Oil Changes
  • Our Customers First Mission
  • Our Customer Support
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In-House Financing

  • Buy Her Pay Here Financing
  • Importance of Credit Score
  • Down Payment Requirements
  • Documents Needed
  • We Help Re-Build Your Credit

About Us

  • Driving Dallas Since 1958
  • Newer / Low Mile Vehicles
  • Large Luxury Brand Inventory
  • Putting Our Customers First
  • Serving Our Communities